Danielle Tuwano Partners with Vagisil!

SCENTsitive Scents Instagram Giveaway

In honor of Mother’s Day and Women’s Health Week, Danielle Tuwano has partnered with the brand women have trusted for over forty years, VAGISIL! Danielle believes that being #SHAMESLESS about vaginal health is nothing to be ashamed about. In fact, she states that Vagisil’s products has helped her maintain a healthy pH balance for years!

In an effort to encourage women to #LevelUp their vaginal health, Tuwano executed a Scentsitive Scents Instagram Giveway sponsored by Vagisil. The line of V-Friendly products include bath bombs, intimate washes, and daily intimate wipes.

As an added bonus, Scentsitive Scents Winners will also receive a signed copy of Danielle’s debut book Lights, Camera, #LevelUp. As a female lifestyle influencer, Danielle enjoys educating women across the globe; not just on Life and Business, but on proper hygiene health too! #DiscoverDanielle on Social @danielletuwano

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