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A lot goes on behind the scenes in preparation for photoshoots, interviews, and red carpet appearances. Thanks to my AMAZING glam squad I am always ready to step in front of the camera! Believe it or not, getting glammed is fairly new to me. I did not take too much time getting ready. Give me a little eye shadow, eye liner, and gloss…and BLOOP, I was out the door for the day. Now that I am in the spotlight, it takes a lot longer getting ready. I have learned new techniques to enhance my beauty with lashes, highlights, and lipstick and I LOVE it. Talk about a GLOW UP honey!

My glam squad is made of my make-up artist Nay (@slaybynay) who keeps my face on fleek, my hair stylist Hope (@hopedahairologist) who is responsible for my stunning new look, and my wardrobe stylist Ryan Christopher (@ryanisstyle) who makes sure I step out  in style! I used to play it safe, but my team has definitely encouraged me to experiment with different looks and shades of color. They all play an intricate role in my life and I am SO blessed to have them by my side.

For some red carpet appearances, I have actually had a lot of fun putting different looks together and styling myself. I also do my own make-up from time to time but it takes me forever, lol!  I have always had a short cut so my new style has been very easy to maintain. I miss my pixie cut though and I am considering bringing it back! What do you guys think? Comment below.

Remember, although getting glammed has its benefits of enhancing your appearance, learning to love your natural beauty is MOST important.  As a child I was picked on for having big eyes by my peers and teachers. However, as I grew older I taught myself to embrace my features. Now look at me! God has made room for my big eyes to SEE and SUCCEED! I am happy in the skin I am in and I encourage you to be confident in yours as well.  With or without make-up YOU are YOU and that is your uniqueness!

I would love to collaborate with YOU!  If you have a beauty or fashion product you would like for me to highlight, please email info@danielletuwano.com and I’ll be in touch.

Special thanks to other make-up artist and stylist I have had the pleasure of working with on this journey adjusting to the spotlight. I love you all…xoxo


Autumn McKenney- Celebrity MUA @autumnmckenney

Mimi Johnson- Celebrity MUA @theglamatory

A. Lee- Celebrity Hair Stylist @hairstylinswagg

Leticia Smith- Wardrobe Stylist/Boutique Owner @sobeyondit

Yandeh Mundow- Wardrobe Stylsit/Boutique Owner @ynluxboutique


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  • YNLUXBOUTIQUE on May 26, 2018

    Absolutely beautiful 😘💕 & am always so proud of you with all your beautiful work📝 Thank you dear. 🔥🌟❤️

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