It’s a new SEASON in town! Lights, Camera, IMPOSTERS!!!

Lights, Camera, IMPOSTERS!!!

Bravo’s original series Imposters; created by Paul Adelstein and Adam Brooks starring Inbar Lavi as Maddie, Rob Heaps as Ezra, Marianne Rendon as Jules, and Parker Young as Richard, is back for season 2 and the stakes are much higher! As bumblers Ezra, Richard, and Jules find themselves used and ripped of everything they have worked hard for by con artist Maddie, they gradually discover their true identity in the process. This voyage of discovery has definitely been one of my favorites and I am eager to see what season two has in store.

As a creative filmmaker, writer, and producer, I am always thrilled to watch complex content. It’s like an adrenaline rush for me when I have to connect parts and keep up with all the plot twists with the dramatic use of irony… OMG it’s the best feeling ever! I genuinely enjoy the journey of character development. I firmly believe that viewers should evolve with the character. As we discover things about them, we should also discover things about ourselves! This builds an emotional connection and is ultimately the art of storytelling in my opinion.

Although Imposters is a dark comedy, it sheds light on how we PERCEIVE our pain in addition to how we UTILIZE our pain as a catalyst towards a brighter future. Let’s be honest for a second here. We all can attest to being hurt at some point in our lives. Some battles have been harder to fight and forgive than others but somehow we managed to conquer them all. However, what’s the purpose of healing if we adapt the same characteristics as our oppressor?

Always Forward. Never Back -Maddie

Watch Imposters on Bravo every Thursday at 10/9c.

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  • Feleicia Vance Hines on April 12, 2018

    This is so true #awareness and aplication is truely a powerful force. You are such a prolific writer . The blog is no doubt resourceful . I love to hear your heart through these blogs. Keep them coming Mrs.Tuwano

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