They Grow Up So Fast!

They grow up so fast!


I guess it is true that time flies because in a few days my baby girl will become a TEENAGER! I am so thankful to God for allowing me to witness my little seed sprout into something beautiful. Isn’t it amazing how they grow so quickly? She was just crawling yesterday, lol. I have been reminiscing all week by looking at old photos reflecting on how she has grown. I have to admit, I have been crying and avoiding calls. You guys have no idea, it has been an emotional rollercoaster for me this week. The other day I went in her room and just burst into tears. I had no idea that I would feel this way at all. I am usually the one that keeps it all together but honestly, I buckled this week.


I believe that motherhood is unselfishness and a mother’s love for her child is like nothing else on earth. When I became a teenage mother to my daughter, I relinquished myself as the priority and put her first. Throughout the course of growth and maturity, I developed true grit and discovered my strength as a woman. I also believe that children learn not by what they hear, but what they see. As a mother, I have always strived to be my daughter’s first example of resilience, bravery, and determination.


Not only is she my daughter, but I consider her my best friend. When I need a shoulder, hers is always available. When I need advice, she offers the best! When I am down, she knows exactly how to pick me up. Whether it is leaving sticky notes around the house, or writing letters encouraging me to do my best, she knows exactly how to deliver that extra push of perseverance! Thank you for bringing the best out of me!

Happy Birthday Lakayla,


Mommy loves you!


  • GrammiFeeFee on June 9, 2018

    You said every word my heart wanted to express. She is a jewel , priceless, loving my first grand. She stole my heart from day one. My boss , well like I shared you my heart so I will just be grammi and say I am so proud of you as a mother and my Kayla as an outstanding granddaughter. I am super excited and is in great expectation of my baby’s future. I love you both. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAKAYLA

  • Junior on June 9, 2018

    Mom this was beautiful. I’m speechless. You’ve done an amazing job as a parent not only to Lakayla but to us all. We appreciate you mommy. Love, Junior.

  • Lakayla on June 23, 2018

    Thank you ❤️I love you

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