Lights, Camera, #LevelUp


Lights, Camera, #LevelUp Paperback



Are you ready to take your life to the next level? As a Christian entrepreneur, resilient wife, and loving mother of five, Danielle Tuwano had many selfless reasons to LEVEL UP her life and business. For the betterment of her family and future, she made a conscious decision to subtract anything that didn’t add substance to her SUCCESS! In her debut inspirational guide book, she shares candid experiences that shaped her into the multi-faceted woman you see today.

Entrepreneurial success doesn’t happen overnight, and nothing worth having will come easy. The willingness to stay committed to your goals ultimately renders positive results. Lights, Camera, #LevelUp offers a real-life and biblical approach to help reinforce your FAITH without the fear of failure. It’s packed with Insights, Call to Actions, and Daily Affirmations that will ignite every reader to simply LEVEL UP! You’ll be amazed at how satisfying life will become once you surround yourself with GOALfriends, enhance your confidence, and take a LEAP OF FAITH!


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